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By Victoria Apr 16, 2014 Revenge 0 Comments

Victoria has finally figured out Emily is avenging David’s death on Revenge! What happens when she figures out the final piece to the puzzle? — Penny

We wouldn’t dare spoil such a thing! But it sounds like you won’t have to wait much longer to find out. “Victoria is getting close,” executive producer Sunil Nayar says. “That very question is the point we’re racing towards at the end of the season.”



By Victoria Apr 15, 2014 Gallery, Revenge 0 Comments

ABC in it’s glory has decided to start teasing us early, while I thought stills would arrive later for Revolution it seems they want to make sure we’re all fired up before then. With Victoria nearly having all the puzzle pieces it looks like her regret may finally reach Emily’s ears, after all I don’t think we’ve ever seen the Queen this upset in public before..

I’ve uploaded the stills and behind the scenes photos of Madeleine to the gallery.

By Victoria Apr 13, 2014 Gallery, Revenge 0 Comments

So many twists, so much wow. Goodness, if anything else had happened in this episode I think people might have died. At long last Victoria is nearing in on Emily and getting the wool pulled over eyes at the same time, and with Conrad and old foes with ties to the bombing of Flight 197, Victoria just can’t catch a break these days.

Sadly we won’t see how this plays out for her Majesty next Sunday, but instead Sunday the 27th when Revenge returns and continues to air until the May 11th season finale. There’s still no official news on whether Revenge has been renewed or not, but I’m sure @EmilyThorneOrg will have that info for you first.

By Victoria Apr 13, 2014 Revenge 0 Comments

By Victoria Apr 07, 2014 Gallery, Revenge 0 Comments

Victoria was so close to finally getting some truths about Emily only to have them slip through her fingers! Someday I’ll get my reveal and good god I can’t wait.

In the meantime I’ve got 178 HD captures of Madeleine from tonight’s episode done and in the gallery.

By Victoria Apr 01, 2014 Gallery, Revenge 0 Comments

Victoria and Emily went head to head for Pascal’s attention on this past Sunday’s Revenge, and while Emily moved another step in her plan she may be finally cluing in to Pascal’s true loyalties. Plus we finally saw Victoria get cozy with someone for the first time since season one!

I was hoping to have these captures up Sunday but was delayed, so sorry about that. I’ve got 205 HD captures now uploaded.

By Victoria Mar 26, 2014 Gallery, Madeleine 2 comment

Last night Madeleine attended the LA screening of “Mistaken for Strangers” and I’ve got the first photos from the premiere uploaded into the gallery, and have more on the way! Thanks to for most of the photos!


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