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By Victoria Aug 07, 2014 Articles & Interviews, Revenge 1 comment

If you still haven’t watched the Season 3 finale, you really should, but just in case you haven’t I’ve hidden the content of this post. Click on continue reading in order to see the scoop!

Revenge (ABC)
Premieres: Sunday, September 28 at 10/9c

Where We Left Off: David Clarke is alive?! Before the earth-shattering reveal, Emily’s three-season-long mission appeared successful with Conrad Grayson implicated in the crimes and his estranged wife Victoria locked up in the looney bin. But Emily’s daddy resurfaced very much alive, taking revenge in his own hands by killing Conrad.
What’s Next: Emily is still mourning the loss of Aiden, but she’ll have to snap out of it when Victoria gets out of the psych institute and plots her own revengenda. The return of David (James Tupper was upped to series regular) will also “shake Emily to her core,” executive producer Aaron Harberts tells us. “What if he says, ‘I’m disappointed in you’ and what happens when he crosses into Victoria’s story and says, ‘She did some things to you, but you don’t really know why [and] there might’ve been a reason.'” As for Jack, who was taken into custody for Charlotte’s kidnapping, he’ll be asking himself how far he’ll go to protect Emily and her relationship with her real sister. Harberts adds, “Emily has to start confronting all of these things she’s left undone and how is she going to clean up messes with the people who have taken such good care of her. As we launch into season 4 Jack becomes center of that journey.”


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