Acting coach and video editing

Acting Coach

I accompany you, online or in person, in the preparation of your scene. You can add your partner to the session, or we can work individually. They will be sessions of an hour and a half or two hours.

You must send me the text at least one day in advance. We will study in depth the structure, and we will discover all the actions that your character uses to achieve his goal. We will delve into the whys and wherefores of your character and we will eliminate everything we do too much, sticking to the proposal of the author-screenwriter and the action suggested by the text. We will rehearse your scene and in case you need a self for casting we will make a recording.


  • Face-to-face:70 dollars (students and alumni 50 dollars )
  • Online:50 dollars (students and alumni  35 dollars )
  • Continuous face-to- face training: one day a week. 140 dollars/month. (individual or couples)

Methodology and demo:

Video book montage and scene editing

Assembly of a scene: $50 

From your recorded material, I assemble your scene giving preference to your character for your videobook.

 Video Book renewal: $100 

From a previous video book and one or two new sequences (already edited) I rearrange your videobook giving it a different air and incorporating your new material. Maintenance for two years.

 Elaboration of Video Book $250. (Alumni 200)

Montage of three scenes plus montage of Video Book. Maintenance for two years.