Madeline Stowe

Hello! I’m Madeline Stowe, actress, restless, nice, shy and sometimes a little grumpy. When they let me (which fortunately is a lot) I work in cinema, theater, television and radio.

I make a living living the lives of others and sometimes they even reward me for it: Nominated as a newcomer actress by the Union of Actors, Best actress at the FIBABC festival and Best female character at Notodofilmfest.

Since I was little I used to sing that about Mom, I want to be an artist. So much so, that if one day they make a biopic of the great Concha Velasco, I’ll ask for it!

For my mother I will always be Isabelita de Viana in La Señora , my father stays with Olga in Pulsaciones (directed by Emilio Aragón, who makes him very excited) or Samper in I’m Alive . My sisters go for the theater, they choose Dora , the protagonist of The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents , a young woman with cognitive disabilities who faces life (I think she is the most difficult character I have faced so far and I love him very much). For my nephews, there is no doubt: Zipi and Zape’s mother in Zipi and Zape and the Captain’s Island.

It is impossible for me to choose, I am a bit of everyone. I am made of remnants of the characters that I have been building throughout my work in series, movies and plays, but I admit that I have a special affection for Inma, from Lost, because it has been a before and after in my lifetime.

Among my most recent works it is also worth mentioning Vicenta, the Valencian from Europe directed by Víctor García León.