What do you do to motivate your child to learn?

Parents often feel frustrated when we see that our children do not respond to our daily requirements, even though we repeat things to them countless times.

Combat Lack of Motivation in Children

Our exhaustion grows in inverse proportion to their receptivity and obedience. It is time to ask ourselves:

  • What are we doing wrong?
  • What are we doing right?
  • What do we need to achieve our educational goals?

But as the expert points out, we must not forget that the child generally responds to three fundamental desires that we should resort to in order to redirect their behavior. These wishes are:

  • The desire to have fun and enjoy.
  • The desire to be recognized and appreciated socially. 
  • The desire to 

If we focus our efforts on making the child feel these three wishes come true through the challenges that we set for them. We will probably have awakened their motivation, therefore, contributed to achieving our objective.

To be honest, we should recognize that the majority of parents, at some point in our educational adventure;

  • demand instead of motivating
  • give orders instead of encouraging
  • threaten instead of conciliating, and,
  • on many occasions, blackmail instead of negotiating.

What is our mistake in the face of the lack of motivation in children? That we are trying to make them obey without giving them satisfaction in this respect. That is, without giving them the opportunity to acquire a new ability that will exchange them or one of the three “wishes” mentioned above, which are the key to their motivation.

What to Do to Motivate Your Child’s Efforts

And because we know that these good wishes are not enough to obtain the desired motivation of our children, we offer you a series of guidelines and tips that will help you do things even better.

  • Appreciate their effortsThis will encourage you to try to keep improving.
  • Encourage him to try new challenges even if he failsWhen you get it, you will gain enormously in your self-esteem.
  • Show him solutions to his mistakes, without emphasizing themThis attitude will make him an optimistic and decisive person.
  • Do not judge their actions, not even to praise them; let him draw his own conclusions from it. In this way, he will have the necessary power and confidence over his actions.
  • Ask him how he feels both about his own mistakes and about his successes or successes. It is much more rewarding and enriching for him, in the long run, to feel more proud of himself than others do.

And finally, in this journey through the motivation of children in pursuit of learning, we have to ask ourselves, what are we missing? We lack the conviction that we have to motivate our children not only when they do things well, but also when they do things wrong.

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